What We Do

Involves the following pillars:

  • Capacity building (orientation and training).
  • Research, Innovation and Value Addition.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (Use of information and Communication technologies).
  • Consultation and Sustainability Ownership.
  • Partnerships and Networks.


Specifically we:

  • Support and Build schools' capacity in establishing effective M&E systems. (especially, applying and using the Continuous Assessment "CA" strategies; applying the 21st Century Learning strategies).
  • Support and Build grass-root community groups start Internal Grouped Savings and Loaning Networks. (especially, Group bye-law drafting, and Saving & Loaning documentation).
  • Promote use of affordable low technology sanitation and hygiene practices by orienting, training and/or teaching households how to construct: Plate-cup drying racks, hand-washing, waste management using locally available materials.
  • Promote improved nutrition by training and/or teaching households on establishing kitchen / vegetable gardening.
  • Promote Teaching Babies to Read as a means of transforming Education System to its effective integration into the 21st Century standards. (i.e we orient train and/or teach parents on communicating effectively with their babies). This helps identify and reduce low vision and hard hearing disability developments at an early stage.